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    I bet right after it’s tested,it’ll turn out decent.”At level 120, the character can once more change classes and become even more strong with their fourth job advancement. At the moment, in maple story mesos planet only Korea MS, Japan MS, China MS, and Taiwan MS has implemented 4th job expertise.

    The Hermits turn out to be Night Lords, Chief Bandit turn into Shadowers, Rangers become Bow Masters, Snipers come to be Crossbow Masters, Priests grow to be Bishops, Mages comes Arch Mages, Crusaders come to be Heroes, Knights turn into Paladins, Dragon Knights come to be Dark Knights, Buccaneers grow to be Vipers, and Valkyries develop into Captains. Players are granted 4th job status just after they’ve retrieved two items for their respective 4th job instructors that are located in Leafre.

    Their Advancement NPC will ask you to obtain two items: The Heroic Star plus the Heroic Pentagon. To acquire these two items, players need to either get the items that are dropped by Griffey and Manon OR
    give a scroll known as Secret Coke Stock Answer to Chief Tatamo of Leafre and he will offer you the 2 items.

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